Review of The Get Together X Interview with Cast and Director

There are movies that can move a person emotionally or movies that can tempt a person’s imagination into a creative explosion yet there are some movies that bestow something that generations can watch over and over. The Get Together is a movie that not only has all those elements, but gives you something to think about after the movie. As I finished watching the screener for The Get Together, I had to take a moment and just absorbed what I just watched. Personally, this movie that gives the audience an entrance into the lively hoods of individuals that experience our party scene in Texas.  As a person who would travel to Austin and party hard with friends in college at UT, you feel like you just watched a memory of a house party you had once went to many moons ago.

The Get Together movie involves multiple stories with characters that will end up at the party to face a dilemma. You have August that finds about a situation with her best friend, you find Caleb that is struggling with his music but when Betsy shows up to the party, he is overwhelmed. Then you have Damien losing something that will have him combining with Lucas to find that item while everyone’s paths will cross that will have them all grow into something that will leave you speechless!

Wow right?! Click the link below and watch this movie while your snuggled up on your couch holding your special pillow! The movie will take you to a place that will have you wanting to make that drive to Austin, grab a beer on 6th Street and create new memories with your friends and new friends that you will know you will make. Also, after you watch the movie, be sure to check out our interviews below with the cast and director of the film!

Rating: 10 out of 10

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Interview with The Get Together Stars Jacob Artist & Johanna Braddy

Interview with Alejandro Rose-Garcia & Courtney Parchman



Interview with The Get Together Director Will Bakke


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