Repossession Film Review

Repossession is a film by Gerald Chew / Scott C.Hillyard is the story of Jim a successful middle-aged man. Who’s life is about to change and not for the good. A loss of his job and his pride in living the good life he built for his family.  A demon from his past will come back to haunt him in his lowest point.

Trying to cover his job loss to his wife and his gasp of the high-class life will be his downfall. His past comebacks to be a very evil force. Jim finds rock bottom trying to find work but being that it’s a young man’s game he has a hard time. Jim in his depression starts to hear voices and seeing a shadow figure he starts to go a bit mad. His life spirals downwards and things are getting out of control for him. Jim is faced with some very tough choices and his fate is now set.

Over this film was a good tale of a man set in his ways and customs getting in the way of him doing things right. Jim’s pride was his downfall and trying to hide things from his wife. Made him weak and his past demons came for him. I give this one a 7 out of 10 I felt it was a slow burn story-wise. A good story overall is just too long to get things moving a solid film. Be sure to check it out now.