Reminder: Play as the fabric of reality in Strings Theory! Coming to Steam Autumn Festival

Warsaw, 7th October 2020—Test possibly the first game where you play as the very fabric of reality! A playable demo and developer live stream of Strings Theory, a wacky puzzle indie game by BeautifulBee, will be featured in the Steam Autumn Festival, starting October 7th, 2020.
Strings Theory is a spiritual successor to The Lost Vikings, a legendary puzzle game where you have to use unique skills of 3 characters to beat progressively more complex logical challenges.
You play as 3 Strings, the ‘building blocks’ of the universe, each with its own quirks and skills. Trapped within a cosmic anomaly, you have to find a way to escape different plains of the oddity by swapping between the characters. It’s your wits vs. the dangers of theoretical physics! All in a zany and approachable puzzler for young and mature players alike.
The game is inspired by string theory, a theoretical framework in physics that assumes that vibrations and interactions of one-dimensional objects called strings are the very foundation of the universe.
The Steam Autumn Festival featuring of time-limited demo will start on October 7th and end on October 13th. The creators will also stream the game and reveal many behind-the-scenes secrets.
About BeautifulBee
We’re a hive of five busy bees with passion for science and gaming, especially old school puzzle and logic games like The Lost Vikings. Even though we have previous experience with game development for other gaming companies, we consider Strings Theory our debut title. Buzz about us, maybe?