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Release of the game The Plague

Today November 14th 2018 Frosty Elk is releasing its first PC-game title, The Plague.

Through Steam Early Access we are now releasing our game The Plague. The Plague is a True FPS action game set in a medieval themed fictional world. 2 teams, 4 classes and lots of infected. Take sides in the battle against a greater enemy. Fight the enemy, the plague, and in the end be winners. Choose your style of gaming, be the team support or on the frontline. Play as an Archer, Crusader, Plague Doctor or the Blacksmith.

The Plague is released with

  • 10 different kinds of Infected: From the fearsome Black Knight to the lowly rat, nothing is safe from the plague. These infected populate most maps and will attack anyone and anything.

  • 4 maps played in Team Objective: Siege a castle, join forces with the enemy to defend a tollhouse, only to then take control of it, and more. Attack or defend key objectives to win.

  • 3 Team Deathmatch maps: A war of attrition, kill or be killed. A straight up fight between the factions about who can kill more than other.

It’s time to fill your quivers with arrows, sharpen your blades, put on your mean faces, and go to war.

The Plague is released on Steam and costs $19,99.

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