Reigns Inspired ‘NeuroNet’ Invites You To Save A Cyberpunk City

– NeuroNet: Mendax Proxy is the stunning new narrative adventure from the award-winning development studio, Dream Harvest. Set in a cyberpunk city, NeuroNet sees you play as an experimental AI, charged with managing a city-wide augmented reality network known as the “NeuroNet”.

Faced with challenging moral decisions, you’ll need to manage the expectations of the city’s citizens, make binary choices to balance their lives, and manage resources to discover their struggles in order to help or hinder their aspirations.

With a deep overarching story that intertwines with the residents and your original creatorsyou’ll need to discover the deeper motives surrounding your creation, what that means for your influence over the city and how far your degree of power really stretches.

Fully voice acted across 23 diverse characters, NeuroNet is packed with thousands of unique story events, multiple endings, and a branching narrative that sees players embark on a journey of self-discovery as you learn what it means to be human in a world losing itself to technology.

Set to launch in Q1 2022 on Steam and the Epic storeNeuroNet: Mendax Proxy can be wishlisted now.