Rediisin new track There’s Somewhere Else is out now!

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Rediisin has unveiled his latest deeply infectious track, “There’s Somewhere Else”. Coming after the release of the dark angst fuelled “Pick Up The Phone // Escape” dropped earlier this year, his new single is in complete juxtaposition of this rebellious attitude. The impeccably groove laden “There’s Somewhere Else” swaps out the brooding soundscape of its predecessor for the charming shoe-gaze-esc atmosphere.


Sharing his thought process behind the creation of his new single, Rediisin explains that it “is a passion project that started very differently than how I normally write music. I normally start music with a beat and start to spit on top of it similar to how hip-hop artists write music. There’s Somewhere Else started as a musical piece, something composed rather than improvised.”


Boasting a complex cacophony of sounds, what started as an endless earworm of a guitar lick evolved into the rebellious final product we hear now. Recorded in his home basement and released via Psydel Sound Labs, “There’s Somewhere Else” is a striking soiree into the raw and unrelenting talent of this newcomer. 


“The song is about the feeling of not fitting in when in public. Specifically, this one moment where I was dancing by myself at a club and minding my own business, but told off because of the way I dance. It sparked “There’s Somewhere Else” because it really let me know that I didn’t belong there, but there was somewhere else I know I belong. The song uses “you” a lot referring to the dance floor haha.”


Faced with the choice between pursuing a career in music or engineering, Rediisin dedicated himself to his sound with a no-holds-barred dedication that he has carried with him throughout his life. Starting his career as a drummer, he went on to experiment with a range of genres and outlets from jazz and rock to orchestral and marching band. Now, with well over a decade of experience under his belt, this brilliantly complex artist is carving out a place for himself among the rest, leading the way with the remarkable “There’s Somewhere Else”.