Razer today announced the launch of two new entries into its award-winning family of broadcaster microphones, the Seiren V2 Pro and Seiren V2 X. The new Seiren V2 family of products are bound to become the essential centerpiece of any streamer’s setup, offering premium feature sets within dynamic and condenser microphones to deliver true to life, natural audio capture.

The Seiren V2 Pro offers best-in-class rich, powerful vocals allowing streamers to showcase depth and timber in their voices, with radio-DJ tonal quality. High pass filters and analog gain limiters make sure that the microphone only captures what you want it to, naturally filtering out accidental bumps and background noises. The Seiren V2 Pro is a must-have for any streamer or digital entertainer looking to up their audio quality and showmanship. Some of the core features of the Seiren V2 Pro include:

  • Dynamic Microphone, to Enable Rich, Powerful Vocal Capture

  •  20 Hz Frequency Response to Capture Full Range of Audio

  •  Analog Gain Limiter to Prevent Voice Distortion

  • Superior Dynamic Range and Precision with 24 Bit Rate

The Seiren V2 X has improved on the award-winning formula of Razer’s iconic condenser microphone, the Seiren X. The crisp and clear vocals delivered by the Seiren V2 X are the perfect weapon in any budding streamer’s arsenal. Featuring supercardioid pickup patterns, the Seiren V2 X can easily isolate the streamer’s voice from the background noise, delivering only what the audience wants to hear.  Some of the core features of the Seiren V2 X include:

  • 25mm Condenser Microphone for Natural Vocal Quality

  • Supercardioid Pickup Pattern for Greater Voice Isolation

  • Analog Gain Limiter to Prevent Voice Distortion

  • Superior Dynamic Range and Precision with 24 Bit Rate

Both the Seiren V2 Pro and Seiren V2 X have near limitless options of enhanced customization and control through direct integration with audio mixing software within Razer Synapse. Streamers can enjoy unparalleled independently adjustable control of input/output levels of multiple audio sources, in order to fully adjust the sound delivered to their audience verses the audio they hear while streaming.

For more information on the Seiren V2 Pro, please see here.

For more information on the Seiren V2 X, please see here.

Seiren V2 Pro: $149.99 USD / €159.99 MSRP

Seiren V2 X: $99.99 USD / €109.99 MSRP


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