Raz shares new single “Be Okay” With Music Video

Raz shares new single Be Okay with a hit music video. Raz gives you that pat on the shoulder with those infamous words of Be Okay. I enjoyed this song as we all go through ordeals where you will slump down with your hands in your face wondering what is next. Raz lets you know throughout the song that we all have our wins and loses but in the end, its ok. I enjoyed the chill music from the band and the words spewed by Raz makes you feel that Raz will be there for you.

Be there for Raz and press play

Watch here:

Press Release:

Born and raised in Brampton, ON, and of West Indian descent, Raz has spent nearly a decade dedicated to perfecting his songwriting and creating a unique sound that represents his experiences, personal growth and spirituality.


His new single, “Be Okay,” is an ode to the summer and a reminder that everyone experiences lows and highs, struggles and triumphs. If summer and nature find a way to come back and give us joy and warm weather each year, then maybe we can pick ourselves up and get through this struggle on our way to our next triumph.