Randy & Manilla Pre-Beta Out Now on itch.io

Gata de Gorgos (Alicante), Spain –November 17, 2020– Independent indie developer Ofihombre releases the Pre-Beta of the multi-genre game Randy & Manilla on itch.ioIndieDB and Indiexpo for free.
This new pre-beta version of Randy & Manilla contains 7 new levels and the final boss of the first world. It also features a new soundtrack and a cinematic opening in which you will learn more about the plot of the game and the main villain –Cracksom Virus.
Randy & Manilla - Intro Cutscene with Cracksom Virus
Set in more than 10 worlds, Randy & Manilla contains stages which gameplay mechanics drastically vary from one to another, paying homage to Wreck-It Ralph, the Walt Disney’s classic about the culture of video games.
Play as Randy or Manilla as you travel through a cyber-universe plenty of colourful Net-Cubes containing levels of all kinds which will challenge with various gaming skills. Donors can support the development through Patreon and Ko-Fi.
  • Multi-genre game containing gameplay styles of all kinds: 2D/3D Platformer, RPG, FPS, Racing, Puzzle…
  • Inspired by Wreck-It Ralph, the Disney’s homage to the universe of video games.
  • Play as Randy or Manilla as you travel through a cyber-universe plenty of colourful Net-Cubes
  • Project to be completed by 2022/23.
Additional Information
About Ofihombre
The original name of Ofihombre is Alexandre Monfort Ferrer. He was born on October 23, 1996, and lives in the village of Gata de Gorgos, Spain. The name of the studio is based in a character created by the developer in the game Spore. SInce then, it has been used as a nickname on Internet. Other games developed by Ofihombre and released on itch.io are Alien StormAndrux AdventureCubixFall MazeballPixelbit World and Damiux Ferrer Dream.