Rambo Joins the Gods in SMITE X Playable with Prime Gaming Subscription

ATLANTA – APRIL 7 – Mythical John Rambo from the 2008 film, Rambo, is summoned out of the jungles of Burma to answer the call of battle once again – in a fight against the warring Gods themselves in the popular video game SMITE.

He will show them why when you’re pushed, killing is as easy as breathing.

Here is the trailer: https://hrz.io/SMITE-Rambo

Today the SMITE Norse God Ullr becomes Rambo in a crossover with global content leader Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF.A, LGF.B) and Millennium Media. Fans can play Rambo if they have a Prime Gaming subscription.

Here is how to unlock Rambo Ullr, starting today (April 7th) and until May 5th:

  1. Go to this Prime Gaming page for SMITE gifts: https://gaming.amazon.com/loot/smite
  2. On the Rambo skin picture, click on “Claim Now”.
  3. A confirmation pop-up opens. Click on “Continue”.
  4. Click on “Complete Claim”.
    If your Hi-Rez account is not yet linked to your Prime account, the linking process will start now. Simply follow the required steps before completing the claim.
  5. Log into SMITE to start playing as Rambo Ullr.

Rambo (2008) Motion Picture Artwork © 2022 Lions Gate Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved.


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