Raji – Super.com

While we were attending Pax East, we received an invitation to come and play a demo of a game called Raji. This game has to be one of the more beautiful graphics I had seen all weekend long at the convention. I have to say thank you Super.com for allowing to come and test this game out early. 

At the start of this game you meet our main character, Raji, who awakens after her city had been attacked. As you navigate through the beginning stage there are murals that tell the main story of game. You even begin to realize that you have been gifted special abilities by the Gods. As you continue you begin to learn why the Gods have chosen you to be gifted these powers and you even set out on a quest to look for her younger brother.  

The more you progress the in the game you are gifted weapons and additional abilities that allows you to fight against demon like creatures. I had flash backs of a little bit of God of War before the PS4 version released. As it was a Demo, we did have a couple of bugs and seemed a little slower than what I expected but the battle mechanics were smooth and fun to learn. You are able to use a staff, jump off walls, you charge up attacks, and even have a special finisher when the Demons health gets too low.


They have even introduced puzzle solving in the game. When you beat the first boss of the game, you are left with connecting stone blocks that have to be put together to complete the stage. What stood out in this process is when you moved the stone blocks, the rubble in the background began to repair itself. It was something I have never witnessed before as a gamer.  

With such beautiful graphics, unique gameplay, and straight forward story-line, I do not see why this game isn’t going to blow up in the gaming world. I could have sworn that this was not an Indie game that was presented to us. I cannot wait till this game comes out that way I will be able to continue the story of Raji and see what other challenges come her way.  


Raji Website: https://www.rajithegame.com/

Super Website: https://super.com/