Raji An Ancient Epic Official Release

If you are looking for unique storying telling, action packed demon slaying, and intriguing puzzle solving than Raji is the game for you. This game definitely stands out from some of the games I have played this year. At the beginning of this year before the world had went into a lock down, we were able to attend Pax East and Super.com allowed up the opportunity to Play early access to this game and I have to say I am satisfied with the final product of this game.  

The game takes place in India where is girl named Raji is chosen by the Ancient Gods to be there next warrior in slaying the Demons that have come upon the earth. She is also on a mission to be able to save her younger brother who was captured by these Demons. As she continues her journey the Gods give her guidance. 

Just like any other action-adventure game it opens up with a progressive tutorial how to perform combos and other special abilities to help you survive the hordes of enemies that you come across. I did find at time that if I were to push the attack button quickly it would finish a combo when that was not my intention. As far as the graphics, I have to see I did not personally see too much of a change from when we first did a playthrough at Pax. But it does hold up beautifully on PC, especially with the story-telling cut scenes. 


The music of the game sometimes became grainy during certain songs. But as far as the voice acting and the narration, the acting is spot on. The voice of Raji just fits perfectly especially for a concerned sister looking for her sibling. I felt if she was genuinely concerned.  

As a whole this game is like no other. The whole theme around the game is nothing that I have experienced before and I have been gaming for well over 20 yrs. The fighting mechanic is very familiar the story telling is like no other and I am very happy to see game to be available for everyone to experience and enjoy.