Racing Sim YouTuber Eerieissss Takes Pole Position with a Custom Reign Vanguard Pro

Living life in the fast Reign!

Reign Gaming by Novatech have announced another successful partnership, welcoming the fantastic Racing Sim YouTuber and Streamer, Eerieissss to their Reign Ambassador programme.

Creating regular content around his favourite titles such as Gran Turismo Sport, iRacing and Assetto Corsa Competizione, Eerieissss entertains almost 30,000 viewers on YouTube every week, talking and partaking in all things racing. With a focus on realism and technical accuracy, having hardware capable of simulating the racing experience in these games, and whilst streaming that content live, is a must for Eerieissss.

Partnering with Eerieissss, Novatech’s Reign Gaming provided the YouTuber and Streamer with a custom Reign Vanguard Pro, a powerhouse Gaming PC featuring an AIO-cooled, unlocked Intel 10th Gen i7 CPU, and a highly coveted RTX 3080 from Gigabyte, alongside 32GB of RAM and plenty of SSD storage.

Paul Hobbs, Creative Managed at Novatech, expressed his enthusiasm to work with Eerieissss, saying “we’ve been watching Rory’s content for some time now, and we love how genuine he is with his audience; he’s a family man at heart with love for gaming, and in particular, racing sims. Here at Novatech we’ve always been fans of simulation software and hardware, both for training in professional sectors, and gaming too. Going forward, we’re looking to continue working together to create some great racing sim content geared towards helping beginners to the hobby, as well as developing a new “race ready” line-up of Gaming PCs specially designed to handle high-end racing sims.”

The partnership marks the third collaboration for Reign since the start of their Reign Ambassador programme last year, with previous ambassadors including YouTuber and Streamer, Chuffsters, and Twitch sensation, Leahviathan.

Eerieissss commented about the partnership “ I am very happy to be officially partnered with Novatech Reign Gaming, a gaming PC specialist 30 miles from where I live, they are responsible for this monster I’m using currently”

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