Race to Toynk.com for Special Edition 50th Anniversary Big Wheel Tricycles

They’re back and better than ever! Toynk.com happily announces the arrival of nine 50th Anniversary Big Wheel tricycles. Big Wheel tricycles have been every kid’s favorite way to get around for the last 50 years. Perfect for playing outside in the backyard, in the driveway, and on the playground, kids can speed around with these fun retro-style outdoor toys.

Each Big Wheel features an oversized front wheel, ideal for fast-action peddling. The wide rear wheels grip the sidewalk for high-speed stability. The classic “low-rider” profile makes it safer than standard tricycles. Their eye-catching colors and fun design keep your kids playing and active for hours on end. Sturdy and built to last, kids can enjoy maximum fun and safety with Big Wheel.

Big Wheel Tricycles come in two different sizes The Original Big Wheel and The Big Wheel Junior:

  • The Original Big Wheel has a 16-inch big wheel and is recommended for children 3-8 years of age and up to 70 pounds.
  • The Big Wheel Junior has a 9-11 inch big wheel and is recommended for children 1-3 years of age and up to 35 pounds.

All Big Wheels feature a large front wheel, two extra-wide rear tires, low-rider seating, and two pedals. Big Wheels are created from rugged plastic making them durable and sturdy for years of fun. Have your officially licensed Big Wheel off to the races in no time! Super easy adult assembly is required.


The Original Big Wheel 

  • The Original Big Wheel 50th Anniversary Ride-On Toy For Kids – Fashioned in the original Big Wheel colors, this classic low-riding tricycle features a vibrant red, blue, and yellow color scheme. This 50th Anniversary edition Big Wheel comes complete with classic durable weather-resistant decals so the whole block will know you’ve got a true Big Wheel.
  • The classic pedal-powered ride-on toy is back in new Fashion Girl racing colors, pink and purple. The Big Wheel 50th Anniversary 16 Inch Ride-On Toy in Pink features angled handlebars for speed racing fun, colorful weather-resistant decals, and a powerful 16-inch wheel.
  • The Big Wheel 16 Inch Rally Racer with Spinout Hand Break features the Classic Big Wheel color scheme of red, blue, and yellow. With the addition of the coveted spinout hand break, this Big Wheel takes racing fun to the next level with its quick-turning capabilities. Get ready to rally!


The Big Wheel Junior


Own a Big Wheel and become one big blur of fun! Race on over to Toynk.com to pick up a Big Wheel for your little one today.