Quantum League Review

I have been looking for a game that is competitive and is mainly based on a 1v1 to show off a little skill I have. The gameplay based around this game is absolutely satisfying and addictive. I haven going back for more and more and it is able to give me a lot of practice as a shooter.  

When I first saw the trailer to this game, I thought it was going to be pretty difficult to figure out. But to my surprise it was very easy to understand, the tutorial is very straight forward.  This game does allow you to play as a team of Duos so if you have friend to play with, this is definitely a game that requires team work.  

This PVP game is based around time itself. As you start a round you are supposed to be able to reach a goal in the center of the map before you opponent. You have a choice of 5 different guns when the match starts. If you opponent happens to shoot you or vice versa the round continues until the timer is done. This is where the twist come in, when the timer reaches 0 you are revived and time rewinds back to where you started. When the round starts again you past self plays the exact actions you had performed before.


Time rewinds 3 times, which in turn when each round starts you are basically playing each round with yourself to reach the main objective. If both players are not able to reach the objective by the final round than the person with the most kills wins the round. There is so many ways you can play this game and every round is challenging from beginning to end. 

The visuals of this game are very stunning. If reminded me of Overwatch when it was first released. Once you open the game on your screen it does have a familiar look and feel to it. They do have a small handful of maps that you can play on right now. My favorite weapon on Quantum League has to be the Sniper. It just feels to satisfying to be able to get a quick scope off. Almost like the old school days of playing Halo Multiplayer 

As a whole Quantum League has major potential in becoming a highly competitive shooter. I can ever see tournaments. I also recommend this game as a team builder. Especially with the time-loop in this game. It will be able to show you what mistakes you had mad as a teammate and correct them. For me I am severely enjoying the 1v1 mode to better myself as a player. Another plus for this game it is available for all gaming platforms.  

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