Quakecon 2019 Exclusive Pin From Toynk Toys

Quakecon 2019 attendees, you will be scouring the venue looking for some collectible items that you will find on your radars. The radar will have a blip that will tell you that you will need to be there promptly! Why not find the suitable item to consider for your secured treasure chest. Your treasure chest will boastfully take on this one fantastic piece!

Toynk Toys will have this awesome collector’s pin set that will bring every Doom enthusiast wanting to blast through monsters with their shotgun. Shells after shells where used to colorfully make this piece and I’m excited to see how this piece plays out! While your at Quakecon, find Toynk Toys booth and be there before the alarm rings and get this exclusive pin! For only $15, this can be yours as well!