Q’s Race To The Top Board Game Product Review

I have received this product for a house party from Tryazon. All opinions are 100%

We have our ideals when we play games and when we think of board games, everyone wants to find out who they will be in the game.

Sometimes they don’t realize that the game they are going to play, is going to impact them in their decision making and social skills.

Q’s Race To The Top Board Game is a game where it teaches children how to respond properly in a social setting. ┬áThe game teaches them through different lengths on how to be social!


This game will help children grow socially in a technological world and help gain the skills needed for a life away from the computer screen.

Our children are raised by technology and socially need help to gain skills that were used to be common years ago.

I fully recommend this game for everyone to play with their children and friends and learn to grow with each step in the game.