Q&A with Tim Lyu for Virtual Crunchyroll Expo

Virtual Crunchyroll Expo is around the corner with fans wanting to get a quick glimpse of things to come. Tim Lyu has taken the time to give us that quick glimpse of the expo with a Q/A. Check out the Q/A below and be engulfed by what to expect from Crunchyroll.

Q/A With Tim Lyu

What are your plans for Virtual Crunchyroll Expo?
My plan is to simply have a good time and actually just today I saw that the voices of Luffy, Zoro, Chopper and Sanji will be having a special panel… So I will definitely watch that… Y’all should watch it too…
Which manga do you feel closely resembles the year 2020?
This year feels like Chainsaw man… That’s all I will say… Oh also maybe Drifting Classroom… This year feeling very chaotic…
What is something you want fans to know while checking out during Virtual Crunchyroll Virtual Expo?
I want fans to know that a lot of love, care and hard work has gone into making this expo a virtual experience so I hope fans have some good ol’ fashion anime fun during these crazy times…
Where to Find Tim during Virtual Crunchyroll Expo
Virtual Crunchyroll Expo:
You can register for a free passĀ here