Project Blue Book TV Show Review

I just finished binging Project Blue Book on IMDb TV using my Prime Video account and I have to say HOLY SH*T. I have to say originally I wasn’t drawn to the show as I thought it might be one of those clunky B type shows. I was so wrong! This show was originally on the History Channel which gave us a view of the world of Project Blue Book. Project Blue Book was a classified government investigation into the UFO’s situation during the 50’s and 60’s. Project Blue Book was declassified years ago and the general public now has a view of what happened during that time.

I felt this show is what the X-File was missing during the 90’s where you went into a investigating looking for a solution and answer for a case file. You had a member of the military and civilian professor that journeyed throughout the country looking for the answers in a proper way during the hysteria of the Cold War. I was so hooked from the first episode that I had to keep on watching. This show gave myself a view of how it would have been in the 50’s to investigate a situation and how our world was still so sensitive and recovering from World War 2. If you have a chance, this show is free on IMDb TV, link is below and check it out!

Here is the review:


  • Real Case Files
    • The series dives into the case files that was done in the 50’s and 60’s by J. Allen Hynek as he investigated situations all around the country that involved the UFO phenomena. I remember reading about Project Blue Book many years ago and the cases that were investigated. There was always a scientific purpose of the situation but the story dives deeper on how far J. Allen Hynek learned about UFO phenomena and how our government is doing in the shadows.
  • Involve their lives
    • This show revolved around J. Allen Hynek, his wife Mimi, and Air Force Captain Michael Quinn with special appearances from various generals, Senator Kennedy, and President Truman. There lives on the project caused diversions included espionage, spies trying to get close them and more. During that time, we were in the “Cold War” with Russia and the tensions were running high. With espionage going around, many people were agents for Russia, America, and others that were collecting information as well. I thought this was cool cause you never seen the other side of the glass on things like this.
  • Close Encounters of the third kind reference
    • I didn’t know J. Allen Hynek was a consultant for the Close Encounters of the Third Kind movie. They had a special episode of him on set and talked about the Robertson Panel where he and his partner were investigated. This gave me thoughts that while shooting and consulting for the movie, many things shown in the actual movie could be from his actual case files.



Rating: 10 out of 10

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