Profile Film Review

Profile a film by Timur Bekmambetov is a film following an undercover reporter. Amy trying to get herself recruited as a convert to Muslim and join the war effort. Amy goes in deep with the help of a few people and creates a fake Facebook profile to gain attention and finds it. She meets Bilel a terrorist fighter she shares his FB post.

Now she is put in a spot where she must go through the motions of getting recruited and courted by Bilel. Amy must balance her real life and her new fake one online which she is losing her real one to her fake one. As the days and weeks pass Amy is drawn to her new friend and hit the tipping point. Where she believes he was killed in an attack only to wanted to scrap the whole story.

Amy is contacted by Bilel in what looks like a funeral only for him to pop up alive. Here where it gets real Amy does the unthinkable and decides she is ready to make the trip. She is sent on a very specific route of travel and is gut-punched to find out the true nature of the reason she is going.

A great film based on true events story in my book. I give it a 7 out of 10. I would rate it higher but the shot-off computer screen “skype” look I’m am not a fan of and drove my rating down. This style made it hard for me to keep my focus on the film. The saving point was the story and to see Amy spiral down into the hole she let herself go down.