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Pro Audio Tools Added to Audeze Mobius Gaming Headphones


Experience Virtual Sound Stages with Waves Virtual Mix Room Plugins on the Mobius at Music Expo SF

SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA – November 5, 2019 – Audeze, the leading high-end audio headphone manufacturer, announced today in partnership with Waves, new functionality added to the Audeze Mobius for advanced audio post-production. Widely-acclaimed as the best gaming headset with its superior sound quality and integrated Waves Nx 3D technology, the Mobius will take advantage of new Waves Virtual Mix Room Plugin to create a new platform for advanced 3D Surround Sound pro-audio editing and mastering.

Audeze will be demonstrating the new Mobius audio post-production workflow at the Music Expo SF in San Francisco, CA on November 9 and November 10.  Audeze will also be demonstrating their newly launched reference headphone, the compact LCD-1. Media members are encouraged to schedule an appointment for personal demos by emailing Anthony Chau ([email protected]).

With multichannel monitoring, native virtual mix room plugin integration, and compatibility with industry standard digital audio workstations, the Audeze Mobius has become an integral tool in the creation of today’s most engaging immersive audio content. Mobius contains a built-in 8 channel sound card which can receive multichannel PCM audio output from both Windows and Macintosh systems. This is enhanced with an onboard gyroscope and accelerometer which track the user’s head movements, as well as a customizable HRTF algorithm that spatializes the source audio. The result is a highly precise recreation of a surround sound mixing room built directly into headphones which can be easily driven by any system.

“The Audeze Mobius was a welcome discovery and has quickly become a very important part of our audio operations. Their transparency and performance, together with their spatial audio monitoring capabilities, have been invaluable in helping us meet strict requirements for surround sound and other immersive audio deliverables,” states Doug Higgins, VP of Worldwide Audio for Pixel Logic.

Additionally, Audeze is introducing a new ASIO driver that brings full compatibility between Mobius and Avid Pro Tools on 32 and 64 bit Windows 7 and up systems! To meet professional audio requirements, the driver is optimized for low latency and low CPU load. The driver provides a bit-perfect playback option and control panel in which a variety of settings can be adjusted to achieve optimized performance for each user.

“From professional users in studios to PC gamers and mobile users, the Nx platform scales very well,” states Sankar Thiagasamudram, CEO of Audeze. “We always continue to innovate at Audeze and we look forward to bringing more unique features to the Mobius.”

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