Premium Warhammer 40,000 Statue “Logan Grimnar Diorama”

Logan Grimnar Diorama Statue

Limited Edition 699

MSRP: 899.00

Follow me, Sons of Russ! This night our enemies shall feel the fangs of the Wolf!

— Great Wolf Logan Grimnar during the Assault on Fort Damnation

The time has come again my fellow Astartes HMO has done it again like their previous release of Guilliman vs Chaos Space Marine Diorama comes Logan Grimnar chapter master of the Space Wolves. Great Wolf Logan Grimnar has ruled the Space Wolves Chapter for over five hundred standard years and has claimed countless great victories during his reign. He is a hero like no other, renowned across the Imperium as both savior and warrior-king. He has led the Sons of Russ in countless battles, changing the course of history time and again with his deeds. As the final bloody days of the 41st Millennium come to an end, Logan Grimnar, the Great Wolf, sits upon his throne on Fenris and prepares for the Wolf time. The statue is poised with Grimar standing triumphantly over a Chaos Space Marine of the Thousand Sons Legion, standing at 1.59ft (48.7cm) tall, crafted from cold-cast porcelain and hand-painted with the utmost attention to detail. Be it that this is HMO’s Second Warhammer statue that was produced under Official License with Games Workshop you’d have to be crazy not to get yourself one of these amazing pieces of art, it’s a definite must-have for any Warhammer 40K fan.

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