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Portal Runner Film Review

Portal Runner is a face-paced sci-fi film by Corneila Duryee about a family that discovered a way of time traveling. The father uses his son’s experiment to hold his discovery. Nolan (Sloane Morgan Siegel) makes a mistake and mess with the box and gains the ability to time travel between different worlds.

It comes with some grave issues and consent looking over his shoulder for an evil man that after him. In each world, he jumps to via mirrors or reflective surfaces things are different in each world. Nolan can not stay long due to the evil man always finding him.

One jump takes him to a world where he has a sister and puts him in a bind not able to cross to a different world. He finds out he must work with his new sister Mae (Elise Eberle). Nolan starts to learn to live with a sister and finds out he wants to keep her in his life.

Together they piece together how to save their missing father. Building a bond and growing close they set off to end the evil man and find their father. Overall I found this film to be a great story and done very well. I give this one an 8 out of 10. The story was written very well and cast on point. Sloane did a fantastic job bringing to life on screen Nolan. My only issue was a bit more backstory on what Nolan’s father and mother were doing to find this discovery. A great fun film to watch out on streaming and On-Demand on Dec 10th.