Population Zero Gets a Big Patch, New Roadmap for Future Updates

Population Zero Gets a Big Patch, New Roadmap for Future Updates
Enplex to update its massively multiplayer survival game players regularly on Trello

Moscow – June 10, 2020 | Population Zero colonists have new tools to stay informed on the game’s future updates with new features and updates roadmap using Trello. Enplex unveiled the move to deliver frequent, consistent updates as the platform lets players see what features are coming, and what has been added or changed.

The Population Zero Trello boards will include a column for planned near term updates, one for later updates, one for already released patches, and another for canceled changes. The platform brings both transparency and flexibility for the team to share the development roadmap and keep the player community informed. Players can read the cards for each change, view descriptions of updates and mechanics to come, and have an idea when these will arrive.

Using Trello also lets the team update the latest development info regularly, so players can access the latest info by checking in. Since development can shift, this platform means the latest confirmed information is always available.

Coming soon for all colonists, (and on the board for near term updates), is the next major patch, scheduled for June 11th. Alongside multiple changes to the user interface, hotfixes and performance enhancements, it will bring the following quality of life improvements:

  • fewer building restrictions
  • armor repair kits
  • A streamlined play-with-friends feature

Enplex will continue to address more requests, suggestions, and bug reports in future updates. Keep them coming. Please, keep in mind that the patch only affects newly created game realms. It is done to avoid any “unwanted situations” and keep your current session balance. You can find all the details in the linked patch notes above.

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Enplex Games is a Moscow-based developer of game projects created in 2016 by industry veterans and currently unites over 50 people. The team consists of highly skilled developers who have had experience in large gaming companies such as Wargaming, Mail.ru, Blizzard, Disney, Nival and others, and who are striving to create unique futuristic and persistent online worlds for millions of players around the world.