Population Zero Blasts onto Steam Today

Population Zero Blasts onto Steam
Dive into one of the most unique games of the year


Moscow – May 5, 2020 | Enplex Games is thrilled to announce that Population Zero has been released into Steam Early Access! Starting today, players can begin their journey in this groundbreaking online science fiction survival experience. In celebration of the Early Access launch, players can purchase Population Zero for 17% off its normal price of $29.99.


Population Zero is a unique game that caters to players who appreciate robust PvP or PvE action and the chance to explore an alien world. Action-combat is the centerpiece whether taking on local inhabitants or fellow players. Other features include expansive tech trees, robust building systems, a unique perk system, and a robust multi-disciplinary crafting system, to name a few.

Freedom is key in Population Zero as players land on Kepler, a single planet hosting alien species that can be examined, fought, or simply avoided out of fear. The Perk System provides tons of player agency to create a unique character using the skills they want. In short, there are no rules when it comes to playing Population Zero.


Key Features:

  • Action-based PVE and PVP MMO with an emphasis on story, survival, and exploration.
  • In-depth crafting, tech trees, and building systems
  • A perk system that gives player agency to create the character and skills they want
  • 2 Factions that a player can switch between by completing quests, these also affect the player’s physical biology
  • Explore Kepler, teeming with life you can hunt, adapt to, or run away from like a chicken.

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About Enplex Games
Enplex Games is a Moscow-based developer of game projects created in 2016 by industry veterans and currently unites over 50 people. The team consists of highly skilled developers who have had experience in large gaming companies such as Wargaming, Mail.ru, Blizzard, Disney, Nival and others, and who are striving to create unique futuristic and persistent online worlds for millions of players around the world.