Pop Voice Lavalier Microphone Review


You want to start Vlogging on your phone or even showcasing simple videos of yourself, you will need a mic to handle that. There is so much noise out there that can make even the basic recording seem so rough. We were able to get a Pop Voice Lavalier Mic on Amazon for our Vlogs and it was a good decision to make.


You get a nice package of items from Pop Voice. The mic works great on your phone such as your android or Iphone. You also get a PC adapter so you can connect to your computer to talk on there as well.  You get Velcro and a clip to keep it tidy and in the spot for your mic. You do get different color muff’s to go with it but I’m a black kinda guy.


Here is myself testing the mic on my OBS system I use for streaming. This is not only useful for Vlogs and traveling but used on those times you want to stream yourself. You just want to talk and just get it out there and with Pop Voice its crystal clear.

You can get yours today on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/2GfF3Mv