Poison Oak Sign With Epictronic & Announce “Losing Ourselves” Single

We are glad to announce that North Queensland rock outfit Poison Oak have signed with Epictronic a deal for the release of their single “Losing Ourselves”, out on September the 10th worldwide!


Poison Oak bring out a sound that combines both melancholy and uplifting Australian rock n roll, with lyrics that match the common misgivings of life. With catchy melodies, hard hitting riffs and sombre ballads, Poison Oak is a fresh sound bound to get stuck in your ears.

“Losing Ourselves”

“Poison Oak are now gearing up to release their new single “Losing Ourselves”, refining their sound for the first instalment of their third EP. The track showcasing Poison going in a slightly different direction but keeping their Aussie Rock roots. It presents their sound as more polished, more developed and showcasing the band as a song writing powerhouse.”