Pode Review By Sir Nick Justice


A review by Sir Nick Justice

Pode is an unexpectedly delightful game that came to me to review through Drop the Spotlight. It’s an adventure of a fallen star that’s trying to find his way back home after landing and encounters a rock friend to help him along the way.

This is a co-cop puzzle exploration game to overall help with bringing very positive vibes into the game as you engage in your surrounding areas with their “powers.” The rock will engage with other rock materials previously set that will trigger with his force field and change the environment around you such as hints and gems to collect. As does the sun in growing plants and trees or even melting ice to expose the area for you.

The music to the game is super relaxing although I became pretty stressed out in trying to figure out the combo to get through each level of the mountains your climbing through. It is heavily suggested from my end to try and bring a friend to play the character you aren’t so that way you can engage at the same time vs having to flip between the two repeatedly.

There is a ton of unique art to the game as it is inspired by Norwegian art that adds to the ambiance while you try to solve the riddles and also decipher the clues they leave behind so you can get through some of the levels. There are mini scenes that you can more or less enjoy the two little adorable characters as you simply walk together and light up the cave with trees and gems on your way out.

I am not the best at puzzle games so I personally would require a bit of practice to get through it or wait until the strategy guide is out or even just wait for some videos to watch depending on how far I get stuck and if I tried every combo I can think of. My advice when playing is to try and active everything around you as the environment can change to help you out.