PM Studios Announces Guts ‘N Goals and Exophobia

PM Studios Announces Guts ‘N Goals and Exophobia
Two brand new indies make their debut at PAX Online with playable demos and exclusive achievements

Los Angeles – September 10, 2020 | PM Studios is excited to announce that it is the publisher for both Guts ‘N Goals and Exophobia, and that both games will make their debut at this week’s PAX Online digital event. Both games will offer players an opportunity to try them out and an exclusive PAX Online achievement just for taking part.

Guts ‘N Goals sends players on a raucous arcade-style soccer match where the goal is to literally beat up friends along the way. Everyone takes to the field with a bat in hand that is used to strike the ball….or other players…in a wacky fight to score a goal. During PAX, demo users completing a single match will earn a unique achievement.


In Exophobia, players find themselves on an abandoned spaceship filled to the brim with unforgiving hordes of aliens. It’s a fight to the finish in this retro-inspired fast-paced shooter that comes complete with secret areas to discover and weapons to upgrade. During PAX, all it takes is surviving to the end of the demo to earn that sweet and exclusive achievement.

PM Studios will also be showcasing Good Pizza and #DRIVE alongside Exophobia and Guts ‘N Goals. It’s sure to be a thrilling, action-packed weekend for everyone!

PAX Online will take place in a virtual space from Saturday, September 12th to Sunday, September 20th.