Plebby Quest Adds “Land of Chaos” Mode

SEATTLE – Dec 21, 2020 | Plebby Quest: The Crusades, a light-hearted turn-based strategy game being published by NEOWIZ and developed by the PiedPipers Team, has released their second major update just in time for the Steam Winter Sale.

Set during the Crusades of Europe and the Middle East, Plebby Quest is a charming and playful game that offers deep strategic elements, but also doesn’t take itself too seriously. Since launching earlier this year on Steam and Xbox Game Pass for PC, Plebby Quest has been frequently updated and earned an “Overwhelmingly Positive” recent rating. For this update, the PiedPipers Team has added a new game mode called the “Land of Chaos” that is aptly named due to the uncertainty each playthrough offers with 7 unique maps and randomly spawning empires. Several other notable additions and improvements are listed below.

  • Automatization of the Monastery & Policing System
  • New Steam Achievements
  • Blessing/Hardship System

For more information on Plebby Quest: The Crusades, visit the game’s Steam page, and follow on Twitter. It will also be 30% off for the duration of the upcoming Steam Winter Sale.

About PiedPipers:
PiedPipers is a small indie development studio based in South Korea. In the year of 2012 after growing tired of the daily grind working at a gaming company, several members decided to set out on their own and make a game like they used to enjoy when they were younger. And thus Plebby Quest: The Crusades was born.

Established in 1997, NEOWIZ, Inc (KOSDAQ:095660) is a pioneer in social platforms and online games. As one of the leading game companies in Korea, the company has successfully published a wide variety of PC and mobile games through since 2003. In 2006, the company co-developed and launched the wildly successful FIFA online, NBA Street, and Battlefield Online with EA. NEOWIZ is currently focused on creating and servicing online games for the global audience with high-quality titles such as Brown Dust, Black Squad and DJMAX RESPECT.