PlayLive Nation Culebra Location Off To A Hit


Ever needed a place to hang out and game with friends? Ever wanted to walk into a place and see the latest games running on the best pc’s on the market? Well my friends, here is that place and boy it sure is dandy. The place I’m referring to is called PlayLive Nation and is located in San Antonio, TX. This new store was opened in the Culebra Common’s area and featured items that gamers would drool over.  We came out on their Grand Opening event to check out this newest place. We weren’t disappointed by what we saw there!


The setups these computers have are very technical yet provide some of the best gaming in the city. Most of the computers contained some of the best gaming parts from Asus and MSI ranging from motherboards to ram. There is a list of games on the screen that you can scroll and click to play. If there isn’t a game there, let the staff know and they can download the game for you. The computers were hand built by some of the staff members and they took pride on their creations. We were very impressed by not only the power the computers held but the awe we took in from the presence of fine art by these computers.

One of our team members was able to check out one of the systems. He enjoyed the feel of the keyboard and the nice sounds it makes. There is enough space to move around and be agile so when that hard spot in the game comes in, he would be ready to move his mouse and get his win. He did have one thing to say and that the gaming chair wasn’t comfortable for him. He did say after a while, he did feel that the gaming chair started to make him want to move around and find spots that made it comfortable for him.

Your able to watch the latest streams from either Mixer or Twitch on the big screens there at the venue. There are screens all over the place and even you can be featured on the screens while playing a game. You can even watch some of your favorite streamers on there as well. Talk to the staff and let them know that and you can watch your favorite streamers while lounging on the cool couches they have there.

All in all, this is a good venue for people to come out and hang out. Get a membership and be able to feel the good time there at the venue. There are tons of games to use and if they don’t got the game, talk to a person there and they will help you get that game into their system. They are very friendly, very down to earth and they are even gamers themselves. Come out and enjoy a great time with Playlive Nation.


6626 W. Loop 1604 N.
San Antonio, Texas