Plaid Brixx delivers new pop single ‘Addicted’ out now!

Plaid Brixx is multifaceted talent Chris Duggan. Hailing from Columbus, OH, he has been constantly surrounded by and involved in music from a young age and has experimented with a multiple of styles and subgenres. He has now taken it to the next level with his latest releases. Starting back in 2014, Plaid Brixx has produced a stellar back catalogue of singles and EPs, performing at the infamous SXSW Festival and Indie Week Canada, alongside amassing millions of streams on Spotify alone.

This has resulted in an invested audience that has followed Chris through his time and changes in sound, and after taking some time out to write some more material and focus on his whole aesthetic as an artist, he burst back onto the scene in 2020 with two massive singles.

‘Addicted’ takes a similar form to Plaid Brixx’s most recent releases, an upbeat, indie-pop song that immediately hooks you in from the first second. Creating a catchy melody comes to Chris with an effortless ease, the lyrics ‘you’ve got the kind of face, that I can write a song about’ open the song, before that subtle blend of an almost dance beat percussion enters. This typifies Brixx’s sound, a song full of energy, optimism and a hook that’s instantaneous to the ears. You can imagine this song being sung back by a thousand plus crowd at shows on both sides of the pond, and this factor makes you realise just how potent Chris Duggan’s writing is, coupled with a solid production that compliments and showcases his voice.

‘Addicted’ brings the whole aspect of love to the forefront but with none of the strings attached or the negatives, only the fun times happen when falling for someone and all the magic that comes with it. This is captured brilliantly by Chris, and with accolades at venues such as The Troubadour in LA as well as numerous US shows so far, it is clear Plaid Brixx will be back in his element when he begins performing again on February 12th. It is more than certain that a lot of people will be ‘addicted’ to this latest piece of what is just the beginning of this exciting act in 2021.

Plaid Brixx explains the meaning behind ‘Addicted’:

“I wrote this song about searching for the right relationship and thinking about how love is supposed to feel when you meet your soulmate.”