Pixel Pals Product Review

Pixel Pals came to PAX South 2018 with a product that is fun, cute and very collectible. The crowds around the booth were stunned and mesmerized by the colorful 8 bit pixiels shown on the wall of Gaming collectibles. The Gaming Department and I made our way to the booth witness the excitement as people of the crowd reached for their favorite characters. 

Pixel Pals had some awesome products highlighted by your favorite 8 bit characters in video games, cartoons, movies, and more. The products light up using 2 AAA batteries or you can get the usb connector for an additional piece to the character. The Pixel Pals are bright and small about the size of the palm of my hand. They are superbly crafted with fine detail to create an 8 bit image of your favorite character.

The characters that Pixel Pals have do range from the coolest to the iconic heritage that are very familiar. You do see in the picture above the video game heroes from Nintendo which are Mario and Megaman. Then you see Mortal Kombat’s staple of awesome character Scorpion on the bottom left of the picture. Last but not least you see the man of the hour and DC’s crown jewel character Batman.  The currently have 43 characters in the store and more are going to be soon released.

The Drop The Spotlight team were able to do unboxings on MIXER, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE AND TWITCH. Check out our unboxings and see from yourself the cute and unique characters from Pixel Pals.

Once they are gone, they are literally LIGHTS OUT. Those characters will not be made again as they are each on limited run. Get your favorite character now and get your collections going.

You can get them now on their website PIXEL PALS and check them out at Target, Walmart and Gamestop.

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