Pitch Perfect 3 Movie Review

We go on one last ride with the Barden Bella in Pitch Perfect 3. In this installment of the Pitch Perfect series, we go down a different path then the first two films. Life after the Barden Bellas and Acca fame is not what they expected.

With only one Bella still performing Emily played by (Hailee Steinfeld) invites the Bellas to watch them preform the girls think they are being call to perform.¬† When they realize that’s not the case it hits them hard and they find them self’s in a bar where the idea to do the USO Tour for the troops is born.

Disclosure: I have attended this movie free as part of the screening team, all opinions are honest and mine.

In the style of the series the girls find themselves the under dogs once again and over there head. The film follows the same humor we all know and love in the past films. The story takes a new approach in this one that may seem odd but it’s the girls post Bella fame and there all trying to live life. To me it felt odd but I got where they went with it as the film when on. I did enjoy the film and most fans of the series will the buzz in line waiting for the screening was full of excited fans eager to see it. That goes to show this series is loved by it’s fans and I feel this series may go on with¬† whole new cast in the future. The base story can continue with a new cast if the studio wants to.

This one was filled with funny moments from all the girls and Fat Amy in her style we know her in the series lives up to it. She does get her own back story in this movie so we get to see who she really is and it’s a big part in this film. The cast kills there vocal performances and the new competition they face in this one makes for a great story. In Pitch Perfect style the girls go thru there ups and downs but they have each other to lean on and pull together.

It’s a must see for fans of the series the humor lives up to what we know and expect from this series.