PhotoSynthesizers Ants In The Antennas Ep1 Video is out now

PhotoSynthesizers new video Ants In The Antennas Episode 1 is out now! Wow just wow! The beat is mixed very well which includes multiple synthesizers highlighting the sounds. When I first heard the music from the video, I had to put my ear to the speaker just trying to mimic those sounds. I’m digging this song hard! The words being spit by PhotoSynthesizers is powerful! You feel like your seeing a decorated speech of history spun to you while the beat carries the words far and wide. A very good song and digging the video, ready for Episode 2!

watch now:


PhotoSynthesizers, aka The Ropes-Of- Dope, is a Hip-Hop Rock Duo out of Richmond, Va. The group consists of its co-founding members, Maurice “Barzencode” Osion (lyricist) and Josh Bryant (producer). Barz and Bryant’s art alliance, rhyme-rock hybrid, was formed when the two met through a local publication in the group’s hometown. Though Barz and Bryant are instrumental to the synthesizers’ sound, the duo in the past have accompanied themselves with a family of musicians for their live shows. Barz multilayered rhyme schemes with Bryant’s hard-hitting production of 808’s, guitars, and synthesizers are a double helix of  Hip-Hop and Rock swinging perfect timing to jumping into other musical genres that have formed their signature sound.