Phogs! Xbox One Demo Review PAX Online

With PAX Online going on each day, I have made an attempt to try all games that are featured during PAX. I have stumbled upon this game where its not only featured at PAX but a game where the whole family can play. You start off as a two sided dog, where you must complete tasks to continue in the game. The quick tutorial in the beginning made it fairly easy to understand the controls. Basically when a dog latches, the other other is free to move around until they latch up too to an object.  You can latch the dog to go across areas where you can’t reach, control water, and much more.

This is a different kind of puzzle game as you provide things for animals in the game. Like for instance, one of them wanted pop corn and you had to figure out how to get fire out of one of the dogs. Then make it all the way up to the corn before the fire disappears. I didn’t realize that and I thought was unique and fun. I only had one thing bad to say about this game and that was short. I wanted to continue to playing this game and explore all the areas. The art in this game is fantastic! The art reminds me of Tim Burton movie’s where the art is part of the aurora of the story.

Take a glimpse into a new world by playing Phogs!

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