Pharaoh House Crash is a returning alias for singer-songwriter Peter Lundy, who after a 30 year hiatus, has
decided to reincarnate his craft for an undying and relentless love for Reggae, House and Post-Punk music. In
1990, the Belfast native constructed the band and had huge success, with magazine features in NME and
Radio 1 airplay being the pinnacle for the artist. After the debut single, the band continued with another line up
but when the new millennium arrived Peter headed back to Belfast, bowed but not broken.

Now a solo artist, the desire to release the songs written in the 1990s is even stronger and the artist name – a
song about societal collapse – is more relevant than ever. The first instalment of his new material is ‘Hoyden to
Harridan’ which is a song centred around a very pressing and present issue about feminism. It’s a celebration
of wonderful female authors going back to the 17th century and Lundy lists 120 of them. He depicts the
relevance between the derogatory terms for women in the dictionary which are now getting reviewed, and the
realisation and truth that the message is still as prevalent today as it was back in 1993, when ‘Hoyden to
Harridan’ was written.

Pharaoh House Crash’s way of succinct and poignant messaging is clear and cuts through like a knife in the
protest song that speaks to the masses, and it stands tall above the noise.

Describing the journey behind ‘Hoyden to Harridan’, Pharaoh House Crash explains:
“Hoyden To Harridan was first recorded during the sessions for the debut PhC single that was released in
1993. It contains a list of 120 female authors, a list of 40 derogatory words for women and 3 questions: Where
did (these words) come from? Who wrote them down? Who made them up? Twenty-eight years after it was first
recorded, the message is just as relevant today, as it was in 1993.”