Phantom Atlantic Share Energetic New Single “No Way to Live”

Phantom Atlantic Share new energetic singled titled No Way to Live! Phantom Atlantic has made this reviewer speechless. I want to write a few sentences of the song but I can’t think of words other than awesome, badass and epic. I am on my 5th listen to the song today on my laptop. I feel like I’m listening to a song that you can tell the next generation of listeners that this song guided us to the light. Radio stations, Sirius XM and other stations…ya’ll should press play now and add to your rotations!

I have no words, just press play!

listen here:

press release:

The rush of cliff diving while blindfolded. Sleepless nights spent staring at the ceiling. The surreal, otherworldly tone of a David Lynch film. All of these moods collide in Toronto outfit Phantom Atlantic’s cinematic brand of alternative rock for seekers.


The band’s new single, “No Way to Live,” is the band at its most energetic, fusing lead singer Kyle Brunet’s primal vocals to a backbone of driving rhythm and pounding steam-engine-guitar grit.


A sharp reprisal against the self-destructive patterns of behaviour that we know are dragging us down but still struggle to break, we think “No Way to Live”