Peter Katz New Dreamy Single “KMOTM” Out Now!

When you have foggy googles on, you don’t see at all. Your vision is disoriented and not to its full potential but you hear food steps go by you. You have to pull down your googles, and wipe them clean with your shirt and then put them back on. Your vision is better and your able to see all around you. You see the people around you and pull your hand out for that handshake. Peter Katz new single KMOTM gives you an idea of how terrible it can be where we don’t get to hold someone, kiss someone or even be near a person. The song shows you that even through a terrible time, we can always wipe our googles to see more clearer and not miss the person that may pass us by.

Get a crowd around you and press play!

Listen here:

Press Release:

Not to suggest that everyone needs to fall off a cliff to discover a renewed direction in life and art, but, as it turns out, it did work for Peter Katz. The accidental drop was his twisted and not a little bit painful road to making his startling new album, City of Our Lives, set for release November 25th.

The forthcoming LP’s latest single, “KMOTM,” came out of a place of desperation, of missing human connection, of being so stuck in his own head that Katz just wanted someone to pull him out of it – physical connection, specifically, felt like the preferred means.