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Perfect World Entertainment Announces Lumione

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Singapore – May 13, 2021 | Perfect World Entertainment and Glimmer Studio are delighted to announce the newest title in its growing stable of games. Lumione is a beautiful and healing journey filled with horizontal jumping action where players literally bring light into darkness. The Lumione Steam page is now live and fans can add the game to their wishlist now. Lumione will also be coming to the Nintendo Switch at a later day. More information will be available soon.
Lumione is set in a deep-sea world that is shrouded in darkness. The people of the sea struggle in fear for all they have lost. A light appears in the darkness that sends the tiny elves in search of its source as they seek to bring light into the long night.

Game Features

  • A gorgeously rendered game world built using the power of Unreal Engine 4.
  • Technology is focused on portraying a dynamic, ever-changing deep-sea landscape.
  • Players will encounter deadly traps and puzzles that must be overcome in the search for light.
  • Four chapters and hundreds of levels
  • Dozens of challenging mechanics
  • Continued development will add new features and mechanics via DLC
Glimmer Studio is packed to the brim with young developers whose average age is only 24. This young team is ready to shake up the gaming world with their creations starting, of course, with Lumione.

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About Glimmer Studio
The team members are composed of young university graduates, their average age is only 24 years old. Producer Raker achieved excellent results in the 2018 Perfect World creative contest “GameJam” held in Shanghai, and thus formed a team to develop the first game: “Lumione”.

Glimmer studio is committed to being a team that produces “creative and positive quality games”, and wants to use “Lumione” to tell players a story about finding light after hardships. Players will encounter many difficulties in the game, but as long as they keep trying to hone their skills, they can eventually break through the difficulties. This is the game concept that Glimmer studio wants to convey to the players.

About Perfect World Games
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Perfect World Investment & Holding Group is a global leading entertainment industry group with Perfect World Co., Ltd. (002624) as its listed arm. The group has introduced its products into over 100 countries and regions around the world, with a principal focus on the countries and regions in North America, Europe and Asia. The company has established dozens of offices in its home market, including Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chongqing, Chengdu and Hainan Province, as well as over 20 offices in several countries, among them, the U.S., the Netherlands, France, South Korea and Japan. In addition to strategic investments in literature and media, Perfect World Investment & Holding Group is now involved in business segments including movies & TV, games, e-sports, cinemas, animation, education, and business-oriented internet products.


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