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Perfect Memory to Introduce their ‘Graph-as-a-Service’ Platform at CES 2022

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Platform collects, interprets and makes any data and content actionable
Chamalières, FR – December 9, 2021 – French software publisher Perfect Memory provides semantic AI products and services to organize, access and exploit the knowledge into organizations. Their As-a-Brain technology is a highly versatile knowledge management platform that works with customers to collect, interpret and transform any data and content into natively exploitable assets for operational teams and their ecosystems.
“Our solutions and products have quick, intuitive and exhaustive access to data and contents, whatever their nature and origin,” said Steny Solitude, Founder & CEO of Perfect Memory. “This allows all operational and business needs to be met efficiently. Our evolutive and customizable products and solutions fit a variety of needs for every organization, allowing them to transform raw and squatted information into digital assets.”
With 10 years of experience across a number of markets, Perfect Memory’s solutions are designed to ease the workload and make day-to-day tasks more efficient. Their solutions combine the best of semantic technologies and UX to help fix the data management within an organization. Perfect memory offers several solutions based on their different products and technology:
  • Graph-as-a-Service. Recently launched and created to help integrators, software publishers and tech decision makers integrate knowledge graph technology into their IT ecosystems.
  • DAM-as-a-brain. The new generation of Digital Asset Management. By creating a common reference system and automating metadata creation, we enhance productivity.
  • MAM-as-a-brain. We create wonderful media content and customers increase it’s use by their teams and improve the return on investment. Our platform integrates into a company’s video production workflow.
  • CSR monitoring. We created an Insight Platform dedicated to refining the content coming out of CSR Data providers. We semantize and transform the content into business alerts and resources that help teams make decisions.
  • Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption. We created an Insight Platform dedicated to refining the content coming out of Business Information Services.
Perfect Memory will exhibit from Booth #61254 at CES 2022 (January 5-8 in Las Vegas) in the Eureka Park Marketplace Hall G at the Venetian Expo. The product will be demonstrated at CES.


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