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Beloved New York group, PEP, the NYC-based nostalgic pop group featuring frontwoman Karys Rhea (of Starlight Girls) today release their final farewell video to fans and followers for a new single and video “Like A Movie” and a new brightly animated video for previously released single, “Run“. “Like A Movie” is a nostalgic haunt of doo-wop dream sauce. The video for “Like A Movie” is directed by Dorian Duvall (Mirror Gazer) and follows Rhea through rom-com worthy brownstone stills and candle-lit bath moments.

Credit: Garrett Shore

The video was filmed with Rhea’s actual ex-boyfriend and cuts through fantasized moments that never happened. “The song explores how relationships get viewed through a perspective shaped by movie nostalgia, a larger theme would be memory acting as a film editor,” says Rhea.

“Run” is the prelude to “Like A Movie”. “‘We run’ is the impulse to stay in my dreams, which I enjoy so much more than waking life, even if they involve negative emotions. So I guess the larger themes are dreaming, sleep, longing, unrequited love, metaphysics.”

PEP’s farewell represents a generation of NYC music that was born in Brooklyn venues in the 2010s. “I’m so glad we were able to play at so many wonderful venues in New York and that we got to experience the NYC music scene at a time when there were so many inspirational musical acts around,” says Rhea.

Praise for PEP

“makes us all wish ’60s girl groups weren’t so rare today” -New Noise Magazine

“As spoken moments launch into endlessly catchy choruses, it’s clear that PEP have a way with vintage pop, taking cues from the best but offering up their own style.” – The Wild Honey Pie






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