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PENULTIMAN Issue #4 Comic Book Review

Penultiman is alone in a quiet area as he chops wood to provide heat for the evening. His physique shows that he has been able to keep himself in tip top shape but his mind is still shattered. Sadly, he uses his powers to cut all the wood and stack them with ease for him. He wants to be self sufficient and be able to blend in with the world but he is still having trouble understanding the world. Antepenultiman has been thinking of ways to help him out but feels like Penultiman is ultimately lost in his own dispear. Antepenultiman feels he may have a solution and he creates Preantepenultiman. This robot is suppose to mimic the situation with Penultiman in a way that will give Antepenultiman a chance to help out his buddy. Penultiman is out making a fool of himself again, Antepenultiman and Preantepenultiman are ready to come save our hero.

I am so fascinated in the turn of events in this comic book! You see Penultiman continue digging his own grave deeper and deeper with his decisions, yet Antepenultiman is there by his side. Hell, Antepenultiman wants to save his buddy and cure his situation. I’m enjoying how Antepenultiman was able to create the robot Preantepenultiman to help him solve the problems that is occurring with Penultiman. I’m enjoying this story and I can’t wait until we learn more next issue!

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(W) Tom Peyer

(A) Alan Robinson

(C) Alan Robinson


Early retirement torments Penultiman—but he just might have found the right motivational speaker to dig him out of his rut! (SPOILER: It’s the WRONG motivational speaker!) Meanwhile, Penultiman’s android assistant, Antepenultiman, builds an artificial sidekick of its own! Also: bonus illustrated prose stories!


January 13, 2021




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