Peer Through The Shadows Of The Ryda’s Sin City Diaries

You hear a creak in the corner of the room, darken yet intriguing Bump Bump Bump airs out of the speakers and a voice speaks so low with a fire that brightens the shadows in the room

Bump Bump Bump

The Ryda is an artist that is very uncanny with his words and showcases his a marathon of beats that every females hips sway back and forth.

The Ryda’s new album Sin City Diaries: Chapter 1: The Uncensored Prologue is a extended cast of songs that massacre the light with words of fire and attack your ears with beats that go boom boom boom.

The songs Crazy and No Way Out are just awesome that explodes the minds of many and expands the rest. I really dig how low is voice can be with his words and how he sways his words with each beat during the chorus of his songs.

The album brings a mystery, brings a sense of urgency, and a darken way to listen to music and breaks the chains on what we thought our music should be.

The Ryda tears apart the walls of light and the darkness brings out the music that is unknown and will be known more and more each day!

Grind it Hard and This and That are two songs that after a few listens got my cup in the air and looking for the next girl by me to chill with!

Get your fingers clicking and check out SIN CITY DIARIES – CHAPTER 1 : THE UNCENSORED PROLOGUE and check out his album on ITUNES and get this playing in your headphones, you won’t regret it and embrace the darkness.