Peacemaker Season 1 HBO MAX Review

Peacemaker is not your average comic book show on TV today. Sure, you know John Cena from his previous time in WWE as a former world champion. In this series, John Cena will show you a different view of himself and take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotion as Peacekeeper.

I didn’t want to spoiler too much of this show in this review. I want the viewer to watch a show that they will enjoy and explore. I will discuss more as a summary below in the review and praise the creativity of James Gunn. James brought out these characters that many wouldn’t think twice about today and created them so relevant in today’s comic book lore that you just can’t stop watching.

Here is the review:


  • Story:
    • The show picks up after the near death of Peacemaker from The Suicide Squad movie. Peacemaker is free for a bit before being captured by Murn and his team. They want Peacemaker to join them in hunting some butterflies and Peacemaker joins in. We learn more about the butterflies later on throughout the series and more about the history of Peacemaker with his father. I enjoyed learning about Peacemaker and how he transforms into a better person throughout the series. Fantastic writing, fantastic directing as well!
  • John Cena:
    • I have done a 180 on John Cena! I’m a huge WWE fan and grew up watching John Cena on TV. I didn’t see him as Peacemaker until after this first episode! I don’t even see him as John Cena the wrestler any more but as Peacemaker that kicks ass with his buddy Eagly and team. John Cena is an actor that can create a persona that will have you feel his emotions deeply either when he is mad or when he is sad.
  • Creativity:
      • The amount of originality in this show is FUCKING PHENOMINAL! I was shocked on how well written and directed each episode that it ties characters up with emotion. James Gunn did a great job on this show and brought out some amazing characters to life.



Rating: 10 out of 10

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