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PD and Mista’s Grind and Never Give Up Anthem Soars On Mr. PD

A earthquake happened to my speakers when I clicked just the preview button on this hit song G.A.N.G and I was fully immersed on this track. Grind and Never Give up was sang to the power of the vocals and rhymes spit across the hall.

I usually open a post about information about an artist but I have to say the opening song G.A.N.G. is a hit and had to say I was blown away as it was a hurricane category 3 hitting me right now.

The album called Mr. PD is out now and get this tape now. The price is a steal right now and with great tracks from PD and Mista, surely makes this album worth it from these artists. These songs are perfect for the club, perfect for every dj’s mix, and perfect to blare in your car with the windows down so the rest of the world can hear.

The album is out for Google Play HERE and Itunes HERE and its worth every penny on this album. I am blown away and will be spending my hard earned money on this hard earned album and letting my peeps know about this. I hope you can get it out there and enjoy great music here.

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