PC Building Simulator’s Support Focused ‘IT Expansion’ Launches Free Today on PC

New features and 20+ hours of new content for the smash-hit sim, at no extra cost

LONDON (October 28, 2021) – Today we’re excited to announce an all-new career expansion for PC Building Simulator on PC, available now and completely free of charge via Epic Games Store, Steam and GOG. The IT Expansion boasts 20+ hours of new story content, and a host of new features for players looking to hone their support skills by troubleshooting IT problems at nebulous start-up, Irratech Corporation. A trailer for the DLC is available below:

Developer Blog

Hot on the heels of attracting more than 10 million claims and record numbers of concurrent users during a free week on Epic Game Store, PC Building Simulator’s latest expansion will welcome players new and old alike in the best way possible. Highlights and new features include a smart tablet and job ticketing system for managing your tasks, travelling to bespoke off-site jobs, and the ability to customize your IT support workshops with the new Dekor App.
To access the new IT Expansion, players simply need to update their game and choose the new mode from the main menu.
About PC Building Simulator:

Originally launched in 2019 after a period in Early Access, PC Building Simulator has sold millions of copies across PC and consoles. The game allows players to run their own PC repair workshop and take care of everything from simple diagnosis and upgrades to creating bespoke, boutique creations that any gamer would love to own. With a robust marketplace full of real-world (and realistically priced, readily available) components, you can finally stop dreaming of that ultimate PC and get building. Create your dream rig in Free Build mode using parts from manufacturing partners such as AMD, ASUS, CORSAIR, EVGA, Fractal Design, GIGABYTE, MSi, NZXT and Razer then see how it performs using a simulation of benchmarking software 3DMark.
The IT Expansion is a completely free expansion for the base PC Building Simulator game, available now on PC.
For more information on PC Building Simulator, please visit https://www.pcbuildingsim.com/.

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