PAX South 2020 Uploaded Bonus Levels Of Gaming Excitement To San Antonio

The fog surrounding the skyscrapers in San Antonio is creating an image of a mystic forest deep in South Texas. Drops of small rain fall from the sky while people were entering the PAX converted convention center. The yells of “Wait” and “Badge Over There” is screamed and gives me the biggest smile of all. The time is now for PAX South to enter the long awaited list of gaming excitement! Drop The Spotlight had the chance to be media for the event and bring our team from Corpus Christi, TX as well to train as well as experience the fun times at PAX South. Here is our short review of the event!


When we first entered convention center, you will see tons of people all around near the PAX South large logo area. We saw some amazing cosplayers showcasing there art and creativity throughout the weekend.

LatinX Lounged powered by Redbull, Twitch and Microsoft


PAX South 2020 uploaded some bonus levels for their convention and brought in the LatinX Lounge. A place where Latinos and Latinas showcase their stories, games, businesses, brands, and much more! I was Blessed to be able to be one of those lucky individuals and be able to be part of a panel. I was able to do mentoring for people wanting to do more brand building, content creation and much more. The community that was there for LatinX is amazing and hope to see this more at future PAX events.

John Cano interviewing Jordan from Rebellion

The games at PAX this year showcased more fun games than they had in years past. I enjoyed seeing all the amazing developers out there and having my team meet them and learn more about them. We were able to talk to Jordan from Rebellion and talk more about Zombie Army 4!

Vic with Toky, Twitch Partner

Mixer was in full storm at PAX South 2020. They had a huge display with there logo and an area for their streamers and partners. They had a photo booth area for fans to take Mixer photos. Fans were able to meet and take selfies with there favorite streamers in that area. I was able to see some good friends I have from Mixer and also from Twitch as well. Twitch didn’t have a booth but Twitch streamers were all over the place. I saw so many good friends from Twitch and had an amazing time at their Stream Texas after party! Streamers from both avenues were well represented at the event!

Deltronz with Alex from Cougar

We were able to see some good items from vendors all over the convention that featured for PC Gaming. One vendor stole the show with the items they had and were nearly sold out on their items! Cougar had some great things and we were able to do an interview with Alex to see what else is in store for Cougar.

John with Dice Dungeons

We were excited to finally interview and check out Dice Dungeons! They had some amazing game dice showcased to the fans! The team was shocked on how cool they were! So many people had rave reviews for them and we were able to get a word with them and learn more about them.

Deleon with Angry Joe from The Angry Show

PAX South brought some big names into the San Antonio area to enjoy the show. WWE’s own Xavier Woods was filming around the convention center and had a meet and greet with fans attending the event. Charlie Day was showcasing his documentary at the event as well. We were able to see and meet and hang a bit with Angry Joe from the Angry Show.

PAX South 2020 was good for the start of the year. Many people did express that not many AAA vendors, not many more artists, musicians and more were able to attend the event. From a media standpoint, we were glad to see many new indie developers though attending the event. We were glad that many indie developers had more to showcase and able to deliver to more fans seeing them than times the fans would be waiting in 6 hour lines for one game. This event was able to bring the Indie back into PAX and South had the best showcase.

*All interviews and Photos from the event will be on YOUTUBE and FACEBOOK