PAX South 2019 Storms In With Gaming and Music Galore

There was hurricane force winds that swooshed into San Antonio on a Friday morning that gave a moment of excellence. The crowds were bustling to the entrance of Henry B in order to be taken to the eye of the storm. The eye usually is the most quiet and still part of a hurricane. Yet in this situation, this is where the storm begins, and this time, the eye will showcase the very best of what you will ever see!

PAX descendes into San Antonio with their yearly event dubbed PAX South and “WOW” is just one of the terms spoken aloud once entered into the show. There is another term that isn’t spoken but you would be able to see from another individual and that is the size of their eyes expanding once entered into the expo hall. We had both! We were astonished by the games and musicians that showcased their art and talent here in San Antonio.

We saw so many games that would make your head spin. We were able to try out nearly every game at the show and talk to the developers, artists, production managers and more to see what they put into the game. Once of the games that my team really enjoyed was the game Secret Neighbor, an installment from the Hello Neighbor game by Tiny Build. My team members Sir Nick Justice and Darthy Day enjoyed the game and they talked about a Secret Neighbor that blew them away. We really enjoyed this game from Tiny Build.

Jam space is an art form when you are enjoying the likes of music that most likely your ears never heard from. We saw the musicians perform songs that your mindset couldn’t traversed into. We met and filmed a ton of musicians such as None Like Joshua, Gross Angel, DJ R.O.C.K.M.A.N., Eye Q, Kadesh Flow, Mega Ran, and many more. One of our favorite bands performed like no other and that would be Bitforce. They showcased music that blended our ears into an epic showcase of exploding fireworks from Mexico. We were blown away!

You never know who you will meet at a PAX event! You could meet a celebrity, Youtuber, streamer, artist, musician and much more. We were able to hang with Austin Creed aka Xavier Woods from WWE, Tokymon Grey who are streamers, and of course Dutch Bihary from Skin Wars! I really geeked out when I was able to meet Angry Joe from The Angry Joe Show at a private event. He was really cool, nice, and a bit angry here and there. Events like these bring the fans closer to the people they have seen on television, computers and of course magazines. Snap a photo and gain a memory from these events.

PAX South was an amazing event! We interviewed so many developers, artists, and production managers who showcased their games that they have been working on for years. They have been letting fans know more about their games and letting fans enjoy playing them. We enjoyed every aspect PAX brings to the fans and to the gamers that want to see the next great hit. My honest opinion….There were so many next great hits, I was going to fall over my chair! There are so many talented individuals and when you played their game, you were just left in astonishment.

All interviews will be posted on Youtube in the next few weeks, we have over 40 interviews and we will be tagging everyone involved in them. Photos from our photographers will be posted on our Facebook page as well!