PAX Information for Cosplayers During PAX Online!

PAX Online will be here soon with one of the biggest features that many fans love to see at conventions. Fans enjoy seeing the creations built by cosplayers. PAX Online has cosplayers covered with a few good panels to check out online. Then there are a few hashtags for fans and cosplayers to use for fans to check out!

Here is some information for fans and cosplayers to check out!


So You Wanna Be A Hero? – Cosplay 101

Air Bubbles Cosplay [Professional Content Creator, Air Bubbles Cosplay], Miss.Tyo, Momma Sammu, Ashleyplaysdressup, Mraddup [Mraddup]

Advanced Cosplay Q&A

Nerd Caliber presents master-level award winning cosplayers and costume-makers Lucky Grim Creative, BelleChere, Lodaim Cosplay, Colonial Armory and Mink the Satyr Cosplay answering your most difficult cosplay questions and solving your unsolvable problems! With decades of combined cosplay and professional costume experience, they should be able handle whatever you throw at them.

The Business Of Cosplay (PAX Edition)

If you haven’t seen Cosplay, you haven’t been to a convention. It’s a hobby that takes a lot of passion and dedication, a few of us have been so consumed by it that we’ve made it our career! From creating products for AAA games, working with brands and events, to literally writing the book on cosplay as a business, we’re talking about the trials and tribulations of working in the Business of Cosplay!

Tagging Photos:

Getting ready to celebrate PAX Online? We want to see! Post pics of you decked out in your finest PAX Gear, Cosplays, & your home setups getting ready to play & watch. Post using #PAXOnline between now and 9.20 and you could win some exclusive PAX Merch & appear in our gallery!
Here are setups to get you started from PAX Ambassadors Robin Hunicke & @jwonggg, and PAX Marketing manager @cyclopsean. We’re always down for a selfie too – don’t be shy.